EquipmentThe 3 Best Ways to Degrease Your Equipment

May 4, 20210

With the weather beginning to warm up all over the nation, homeowners everywhere are beginning to dive back into their toolsheds to dust off their old machines, equipment, tools, and hardware to get back to doing work around the house. Some tools and hardware however fail the test of time and become obsolete due to grease, oils, corrosion, and other substances that embed themselves over time into their equipment. Luckily, Theochem Labs is here to suggest not 1, but 3 alternatives to restore your tools and hardware back to their former glory. Throughout this blog, we will discuss the 3 different types of degreasers you can choose from and distinguishing the difference between using Non-Butyl Heavy Duty Degreasers, Super Heavy-Duty Butyl Concentrates, and finally Orange-Based Degreasers.

Mighty Green, Cleaner, Degreaser

1) Non-Butyl Heavy Duty Degreaser: The first degreaser cleaner of the trio we are going to discuss is Non-Butyl. What distinguishes this line of degreasers from the pack is that this degreaser is a super concentrated alkaline cleaner degreaser that performs best when attacking oils and scum. Our Mighty Green Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner does just that and more! Mighty Green is at its best when used on tractor-trailers, diesel engines, storage tanks, loading docks, and concrete floors. Another highlight is that it serves as also an aluminum cleaner and brightener. Our Non-Butyl Cleaners are not only limited to use on industrial and outdoor equipment. Our Kitchen Power Multi-Purpose cleaner is designed for food service equipment and is economically formulated to be used on all kitchen surfaces.

T-5 Purple, Cleaner, Degreaser

2) Super Heavy Duty Butyl Concentrate: Next, we move on to the Super Heavy Duty Cleaners, which are the most common water-based degreasers on the market. These specific degreasers work best when fighting petroleum grease such as motor oil. These degreasers penetrate the oil and help the oil to liquefy so cleanup becomes a much easier task.


Labs offers 4 of the best Super Heavy-Duty Butyl Concentrates in the industry including our T-15, T-5 (Green), T-5 (Purple), and Clean-All degreasers. Each of these cleaner degreasers comes in varying concentrations and is designed for tough industrial cleaning tasks.

3) Orange-Based Degreaser: Lastly, we arrive at our Orange-Based cleaners.

What separates this group from the previous two is that these cleaners

are made with pure Valencia orange oil. This group of cleaners goes above and beyond acting as not only a degreaser and cleaner but also a deodorizer. Each of our orange-based cleaners is biodegradable, orange in appearance, and leave behind a pleasant citrus aroma once it has been used. Our line of Orange-Based products to choose from includes Orange Blossom, Shur Orange, and Orange Plus. These 4 cleaner degreasers work well at removing grease and oil from most surfaces including drains, grease traps, motors, garbage cans, heavy equipment, and even kitchen appliances! They also work well in dissolving heavy deposits of oxidized waxes and polymers plus thick layers of ground-in grease, baked-on deposits of carbons, soot, resins, oils, dyes, and hard soap scum.

Shur Orange, Cleaner, Degreaser

No matter if you choose Non-Butyl, Super Heavy-Duty Butyl, or Orange-Based cleaner degreasers from Theochem, you’ve ultimately arrived at your right destination. Now that you have a better grasp of the 3 best ways to clean your greasy tools and equipment, you can now approach reinvigorating your hardware and appliances much more strategically. If your equipment seems to be on its last leg, don’t throw it out! Try any one of our fine cleaner and degreaser products and give your hardware another lease on life. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. Stay safe and clean wisely!

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