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May 4, 20210

Every so often you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower and you slowly notice the water building up inch-by-inch and then it slowly becomes clear, I have a drain that needs to be unclogged! There are numerous ways to rectify this dilemma such as using a plunger or plumbing snake, although for tougher clogs you need a tougher solution. Thankfully, Theochem Laboratories proudly recommends Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener for those persistent clogs. Please read below to see what makes Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener so unique and also why it’s the preferred remedy for those nasty clogs!

Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener, Clogs, Drain Cleaner

-Ease of Use: Unclogging those stubborn clogs has never been easier. With Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener, simply let hot water run, to warm lines. Add one cup of product directly into the drain opening. Let hot water run until all chemical is dissolved. Let stand one minute then flush with hot water. To keep drains working properly add 1/2 to 1 cup of the product once per month. If the drain is completely stopped, use the cable to open the drain enough to allow water to flow then add the product to ensure a clean and proper working drain.


On grease traps, a regular treatment of 2 lbs. for every 100 gallons of capacity will greatly reduce the costly pumping and cleaning of your grease trap by keeping the grease and suspended solids in a liquid form allowing your grease trap to function properly. This product may be applied at any drain leading to the grease trap. Pour in dry and follow with enough hot water to dissolve all chemicals. Allow Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener to stand in grease traps as long as possible, overnight for maximum results.

-Efficacy: In an independent testing all of the different chemical varieties of drain openers currently in the retail market including liquid, foam, and gel-based drain cleaners, crystal drain opener proved to be the most effective at removing drain clogs. While other solutions such as plungers, plumbing snakes, and even drain liquids all work to a certain degree, the satisfactory manner in which Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener is second to none. The time required to dissolves built-up clogs is dissolved in just 60 seconds can be attributed to the professional strength of the special proprietary flake blend containing high percentages of sodium hydroxide.

-Safe: Unlike specific drain cleaning solutions that can only be applied to either PVC or metal pipes, Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener can be used on all types of pipes! Having the flexibility to tackle clogs in any and all pipes makes it an extremely versatile solution for all current and future clogs. Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener is formulated to be utilized in bathroom sinks, tubs, shower drains, kitchen sinks, grease traps, and septic tanks. When used in septic systems, make sure to use the suggested quantities. This amazing product is ideal for use in both the foodservice and hospitality industries. Also, just as you would when handling any other cleaning solutions, make sure to wear the proper protective equipment such as gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, and face protection to ensure proper safety.

-Flakes Vs. Beads: We briefly discussed the difference between Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener against liquids and other drain solutions, but wha

t about beads? Sodium hydroxide beads are another popular solution when faced with a clog. However, when comparing sodium hydroxide flakes to sodium hydroxide beads, our research found that flakes begin working and dissolving the blockage faster than beads. Also, due to dissolving faster, beads tend to clump up more as opposed to flakes. Lastly, we also found that you don’t have to use as many flakes when compared to beads, which make for a cleaner process overall.

As you can see, the evidence is overwhelming as to why you should rely on Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener. This fantastic product performs stronger, better, and faster than other drain opening solutions and is an affordable tool that any handyman should have in their arsenal. Next time you notice it’s time to unclog those drains, make sure to make it a simple fix with Clean Shot Crystal Drain Opener!

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