HygieneThe 6 Best Things Your Child Needs for Back-To-School 2022!

August 1, 20220


  • IN-CIDE Disinfectant. Why? IN-CIDE Disinfectant is the number one requested classroom disinfectant requested by Teachers because it has a One-Minute COVID Kill Time. Most other national brands can take between 10 minutes and 22 minutes of constant contact to kill coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria. Let’s be real, who leaves Clorox on a surface for 10 minutes before wiping it off? Disinfectants like Theochem’s IN-CIDE are one of the least donated but MOST requested staples of any classroom! If you donate ONE item on this list, make it IN-CIDE Disinfectant! Classrooms that were disinfected once daily with a one-minute-kill-time cleaner saw huge reductions in the number of children sent home sick or unwell.
  • Small Water Bottle. Why? One of the number one concerns among parents and healthcare professionals alike is what goes into your child’s body. Children on average need 1.5 to 2 times the water they actually intake on a daily basis. If they have water on hand, they are less likely to pick up that soda or seek out those sugary drinks.
  • Spiral Notebooks. Why? This is the number one item that gets used in almost any classroom! It has been rated by teachers as one of the highest-volume requested items by children who need help with school supplies. So please pick up a few to donate to your child’s class.
  • Inexpensive Scientific Calculator. You can get them affordably at The Home Depot when you’re buying IN-CIDE Disinfectant. Because they’re slightly more expensive than other school supplies, they tend to be the item that some children may not be able to afford. If you can afford to pick up one or two and donate them to your child’s classroom, you will be helping those classmates who couldn’t afford one, in a big way!
  • Mechanical Pencils, Disposable Pens, Orange Highlighters. Simply said, these are the top three disposable writing instruments that most kids are using in the classroom. A class of 24 might go through a few hundred of these each year, collectively. Teachers and classmates will appreciate this donation.
  • VISA Gift Card (no more than $25). Finally, the one that might shock you! Why a Visa Gift Card? Because every school and classroom is different! There will always be something unique that your child’s teacher needs. Many states have laws and some school districts have policies that limit how much money a teacher may receive as a gift or classroom donation. $25 is the safe zone for monetary donations and gifts. You can always give more than one $25 gift card, or give each classroom or teacher a gift card if you want to give more than $25.

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