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June 4, 20210

There are no two ways around it, doing your laundry can be both monotonous and time-consuming. Not only that, if you work in a commercial setting where your primary focus is washing other people’s laundry, it can be an even bigger task. As always, we here at Theochem Laboratories have put together the perfect 4-step commercial laundry routine that gives step-by-step recommendations on which products to use and how they work so your mountains of laundry are a breeze to clean!

In-Depth Laundry Analysis

Step 1 – Liquid Detergents:

To start off our process we first focus on liquid detergents. Detergents are essential for removing dirt, oil, and other stains straight from your laundry. Detergents work by mixing with water and causing a chemical reaction that forces dirt, oil, and other debris from your fabrics. Once this reaction has occurred, the stains become removed from your fabrics and the detergent develops a layer around the stain so they don’t find a way back into your fabrics. Please see below for our three top recommendations for liquid detergents formulated for the best results!

  • Power Cleanse: This concentrated neutral emulsifying detergent can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Power Cleanse possesses stain-fighting inhibitors that brighten linen and extend shelf life. Power Cleanse is also high efficiency approved.

  • Powder Detergent: Our best-selling concentrated commercial laundry detergent! Power Detergent contains emulsifying soil suspending agents that can remove deep proteins without harming the integrity of the linen weave. Power Detergent is designed to perform in hard water and high total dissolved solids (TDS) conditions.

  • Power Alkaline Detergent: Lastly, our super concentrated built detergent is formulated with high levels of optical brighteners and water conditioners. Power Alkaline Detergent is designed to work in poor water conditions and low to medium water temperatures. Accompanied with Simply Sour Plus, this is the industry’s premium built detergent with no break additives needed for superior results.

Step 2 – Sours:

Next up are our laundry sours. Laundry sours are chemicals added during the final rinse cycle in your washing machine. What sours help you achieve is neutralizing the pH of the water while also removing any traces of detergents, alkalinity, rust, iron, and help condition clothes for the finishing process in your laundry routine. Below are our two suggestions for incorporating sours into your laundry routine.

  • Simply Sour: This fantastic product helps neutralize the pH of the finished wash to a comfortable skin pH level. Simply Sour is economically formulated and is recommended in smaller laundry facilities.

  • Simply Sour Plus: This product features a blend of acids optimized to tackle the highest levels of alkalinity, bringing the pH down to desirable levels during the final wash. Simply Sour Plus is ideal for the removal of iron, rust, and sunblock staining while providing the correct pH that eliminates graying. Please see below for both the Tech sheet and SDS Sheet for Simply Sour Plus.

Simply Sour Plus Tech Sheet

Simply Sour Plus SDS Sheet

Step 3 – Softeners:

We now move on to our laundry softeners. The ingredients that are in laundry softeners provide several benefits to your fabrics. Such benefits as helping to keep your fabrics wrinkle-free, reducing static, adding a fresh scent, and adding an overall soft touch to your laundry are the defining characteristics of laundry softeners. Also, utilizing laundry softeners helps reduce wear and tear which helps extends the life of your fabrics. Below are our top two picks for laundry softeners that you should be incorporating into your laundry care routine.

  • Simply Soft: This powerful softener is formulated to eliminate static and leave linen soft to the touch. Simply Soft possesses a mild, pleasant fragrance which makes this recommendation an economical choice for healthcare facilities that need to maintain a hypoallergenic environment.

  • Simply Soft Plus: This amazing product comes with industry-leading anionic surfactant technology, which makes this the best commercial softener available. Simply Soft Plus has three times the fluff and three times the fragrance, making your linen fresh, fluffy, and static-free! Simply Soft Plus is ideal in such settings as hotels and country clubs. Please see below for both the Tech sheet and SDS Sheet for Simply Soft Plus.

Simply Soft Plus Tech Sheet

Simply Soft Plus SDS Sheet

Step 4 – Bleach:

For the final step of our commercial laundry-cleaning routine, we arrive at bleach. Bleach helps your laundry in a variety of ways such as assisting with whitening, brightening, and removing stains altogether. Bleach works by reacting with colored organic compounds and then turning them into colorless ones. Through oxidation, bleach releases oxygen molecules, which break up the chemical bonds of chromophores. These altered molecules will then reflect no color or a color that is outside of the visible spectrum for us to perceive. The lack of color that we then see comes off as white. Please see below for our top recommendation for the perfect bleach for your laundry and fabrics.

  • Chlor-Brite: This concentrated liquid bleach was formulated to work for general laundry applications where extra stain-cutting power is required. Chlor-Brite disperses instantly to eliminate damage to the fabric. Chlor-Brite contains chlorine bleach, for use with white fabrics only.

As you can see, each of the four steps outlined in our commercial laundry care program help with the unique purpose of protecting, cleaning, and revitalizing your laundry. Each of the products recommended works well in a number of commercial settings including nursing homes, hospitals, correctional facilities, schools, hotels, health clubs, country clubs, salons, linen plants, industrial laundries, and more! As always, thank you for taking the time to read this educational article so you’re better equipped for tackling those mounds of laundry. Stay safe ad clean wisely!

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