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June 4, 20210

Let’s face it, carpets can be pretty unforgiving. Their tendency to soak up spilled food, beverages, dirt, or any other substance means you have to constantly be on defense to ensure your carpet looks spotless. Thankfully, we here at Theochem Laboratories have a comprehensive collection of carpet cleaning products to restore your carpet back to its former glory. Please read below to see our recommended process and products to use in order to have your carpets looking clean and flawless again!

In-Depth Carpet Cleaning Routine

Step 1: Pre-Treatment

To begin the process, simply clear your entire carpet of any debris, furniture or obstructions that may prevent you from cleaning the entire surface. Next, make sure to vacuum to remove any excess dirt, crumbs, hair or any other debris before pre-treating begins. Once complete, target your high traffic areas with a proper pre-treatment solution in order to loosen stains. With that being said, check out our two recommendations below for the pre-treatment step of our carpet care-cleaning program.

  • Fast Track: This pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner concentrate comes equipped with odor and soil encapsulators. Fast Track unlocks the heaviest oil and water-based soils from high traffic areas. Boosts extraction and bonnet methods for one-pass cleaning. Loosens deeply embedded soils to ensure maximum performance with minimum time and effort. Lastly, Fast Track was designed for use with today’s stain resistant carpets.

  • Carpet Pre-Spotter: Next, we introduce our ready-to-use pre-treatment solution, Carpet Pre-Spotter. This citrus-scented product loosens deeply embedded soils to ensure optimum performance when cleaning your carpets. Carpet Pre-Spotter is the essential first step in cleaning your high traffic carpet areas. This blend of cleaners, emulsifiers, optical brighteners, and deodorizing agents loosens the deeply embedded soils to ensure peak performance with minimum time and effort.

Step 2: Deep Cleaning (Extraction)

The next step of the process is carpet extraction. This process consists of spraying your carpet with hot water mixed that’s mixed with an extraction cleaner that reaches the innermost part of your carpets. Water temperature should be hot, not boiling for best results. Avoid using cold water. Once you’re ready to go, we have our two best recommendations below for extracting tough stains from your carpets.

  • Exodus: This carpet extraction cleaner concentrate works wonderfully! Exodus deeply cleans and lifts away heavy soils from carpet fibers. It can be used in all extraction and steam machines and possesses a fast-drying formula. Also, Exodus is made with biodegradable ingredients and minimum phosphate content in order to reduce the impact to the environment while leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent.

  • Reveal: Next up is our encapsulating extraction cleaner, better known as Reveal. This heavy-duty, low foaming residue carpet extraction cleaner is designed for use on today’s stain resistant carpet and upholstery. Reveal’s unique formula contains soil encapsulators as well as odor encapsulators. Low residue and soil encapsulation prevents re-soiling, for a longer lasting look and feel of clean.

Step 3: Maintenance (Shampooing)

Even though we’ve listed this next section as an additional step, it can be done in place of carpet extraction which we touched on above. Between carpet extraction and carpet shampooing, whichever is more convenient for you is totally up to you. Carpet shampooing involves the removal of heavy grime, dirt, mud, pet stains, odors and other remains by shooting soapy water into the carpet and instantly sucking everything back up. Aside from a carpet shampooer and hot water, you’ll need the proper carpet shampoo. Luckily, we’ve once again selected our top two choices for shampooing your carpets to get the job done right.

  • Bonnet Brite: Our unique concentrated interim maintenance bonnet shampoo is designed for use on today’s stain resistant carpet. Bonnet Brite includes odor encapsulators that reduce associated malodors leaving behind a fresh environment! Also, there’s no need for the additional step of rinsing. This technology also resists re-soiling, ensuring a longer lasting look and feel of clean!

  • Premium Drysheen: This product performs second to none as our premium carpet and upholstery shampoo. Premium Drysheen is a heavy-duty, fast-drying concentrate for normal maintenance and carpet restoration. This fruit-fragranced product does a fantastic job at reviving and enhancing original brightness of color. Premium Drysheen includes optical brighteners that restore the original vibrant colors of the carpets and upholstery. A favorite among those who demand the finest in carpet care products!

Step 4: Specialty Products (Optional)

The final optional step of our carpet care-cleaning program calls for a proper carpet rinse solution. To put it simply, any soap or detergent residue left behind or trapped in the carpet can cause carpets to become sticky, re-soiled, or having a coarse texture when finished cleaning. These last two recommendations are the perfect finish touch to ensure your carpets are set for success!

  • Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer: Our concentrated detergent and build-up remover is second to none! Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer’s concentrated formula removes residue for brighter appearance of fibers. Also, neutralizes pH to help prevent re-soiling, leaving your carpet soft and fresh. Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer helps extend the time between cleaning, saving both cost and labor. Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer helps to restore the appearance of brightest, light colors, and prevents browning. This product can be used in both rotary and extraction machines.

  • Defoamer C: Our multi-purpose foam control gets the job done! Defoamer C instantly knocks down and prevents foam. This product can be used in carpet extraction and automatic scrubber tanks. Defoamer C is phosphate-free, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and compatible with sound environmental practices.

Whether you like it or not, your carpet tells a story and represents more than just a comfortable surface for you to walk on. Even if your carpet hasn’t amassed a collection of stains and dirt, there is the possibility that there is soil and odor invisible to the naked eye trapped in the fabric. While there are several ways you can clean your carpet, we’ve given you a foolproof, comprehensive plan to revive life back into your carpets and upholstery. Thank you as always for taking the time to educate yourself on proper carpet care. Stay safe and clean wisely!

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