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October 28, 20212
With so many cleaners on the market today in the pandemic era, how do you know which is the right one to buy? Well, by the time you finish reading this article we think you’ll know that the decision is clear. Not only is our In-Cide and In-Cide Lavender a truly powerful cleaner, but it has also been tested to stop and kill an array of viruses including COVID-19. Please read below to see the top 10 benefits of In-Cide and why it should be your preferred cleaner of choice!
1. Effective Against Human Coronavirus:
As stated in the introduction of this article, In-Cide has been proven to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. With so much uncertainty still surrounding this relatively new virus, one fact you can rest assured in is that In-Cide works efficiently in killing COVID in 60 seconds! In-Cide has been rigorously tested and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support this claim.
2. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria:
You can rest assured knowing when using In-Cide, bacteria doesn’t stand a chance! Working as a powerful bactericide, both In-Cide and In-Cide Lavender destroys 99.9% of bacteria ensuring that this invisible threat no longer exists on your home’s surfaces.
3. Virucidal Performance:
In-Cide has a strong track record of stopping viruses in their tracks to ensure they do not spread and cause any more damage. By allowing the product to settle on hard, non-porous surfaces, you’re creating a cleaner environment for you and those around you. Just a few of the many viruses In-Cide has been proven to kill include the (H5N1 Virus), (HIV-1, AIDS Virus), Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 & 2, Hepatitis B & C, and the Human Coronavirus!
4. Ready to Use:
No need to add water or dilute this product to any exact specifications. Both In-Cide and in-Cide Lavender come ready to use so you can immediately begin to protect what matters. In-Cide is also ready to use as a non-food contact surface sanitizer which has been proven to reduce the cross-contamination on all non-porous food contact surfaces.
5. Hospital Use Disinfectant:
There’s a reason hospitals trust In-Cide to clean like no other. When you need a product to do more than just clean and act as a bactericide, disinfectant, fungicide, sanitizer, and virucide, In-Cide is your best bet! If In-Cide is the doctor’s choice to promote health in their hospitals, it should also be the clear choice to keep your homes safe too!
6. Cleaner:
We’ve discussed that In-Cide is effective at destroying infectious viruses and bacteria, but In-Cide is also a fantastic all-purpose cleaner! This product works well in cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing all in one step, making cleaning every room in your home a breeze! Another area in your home In-Cide performs well in is the bathroom, working as a non-acid bathroom cleaner on a number of bathroom surfaces.
7. Mildewstat:
Another added benefit is that In-Cide works as a powerful mildewstat, working effectively at inhibiting the growth of mildew. For areas in your home that are exposed to constant moisture where mold can develop, In-Cide once again is the perfect remedy in eliminating mold and creating a healthy atmosphere in your domicile.
8. Fungicide:
Aside from destroying all types of bacteria and viruses, In-Cide can also combat numerous types of parasitic fungi. Fungi can be harmful to agriculture as well as creating fungal infections in animals. This is just another application of how versatile In-Cide is at keeping you, your family, your pets, and plants safe too.
9. Deodorizer with Fresh Fragrance:
No one likes a clean home that reeks of cleaning chemicals. Having to compromise clean surfaces with strong, unpleasant odors isn’t satisfying enough. Luckily both In-Cide and In-Cide Lavender possess long-lasting aromas that fill the room with wonderful fragrances that leave you feeling confident that your home is clean by comforting all of your senses simultaneously.

10. EPA Registered:

Finally,The EPA has recognized In-Cide as a nationally recognized brand that can confidently back up any claims we make including killing the human coronavirus and a slew of other viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If your current household cleaner does not have EPA-approved labels or is missing any relevant information on their labels, this may not be the best household product to have in your cupboards.
There you have it! Although we listed 10 benefits of using In-Cide’s powerful formulation to perform a variety of uses around the house, there are many more applications where In-Cide can be of help. As flu season is ramping up, now is the time to check your home’s arsenal for the best possible well-rounded product to keep you and yours safe!


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