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November 2, 20210

Bleach is a lifesaver. You no longer have to be overly cautious about getting stains on your new white clothes. Inevitably, when they do get dirty, bleach’s chemical formula sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI) can remove any colored stain from your clothes. But what about your colored clothes that are stained? Maybe your current detergent is good at cleaning your clothes, but without using color-safe bleach you still see stains…


Color-Safe Bleach – What is it?


Color-safe bleach is exactly what its name implies, bleach that you can use on most colored clothing. The bleach active in Theochem’s Peroxy-Brite is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). When you have the right concentration of it, it’s much less aggressive than sodium hypochlorite. In fact, color-safe bleach can be used on around 98% of clothes. 


If you are unsure whether or not your clothing is in the 2% here’s how you can test it:

  • Apply a drop of the color-safe bleach to a hidden part of your clothing, testing every color on it the garment.
  • Wait 5 minutes, then rinse out with water.
  • Make sure to let it dry completely before analyzing to see if there’s any color change in your garment.


In many cases, if you have tough stains on any of your clothes, color-safe bleach can be used as a spot cleaner. However, Some washing machines also have a specific dispenser for color-safe bleach for larger loads.


Why Use Color-Safe Bleach


Color Safe Bleach is like chlorine bleach, meaning that it can remove stains like red wine. However, because there’s no sodium hypochlorite, it won’t discolor your clothes. See all pros and cons here:

Pros and cons of Color-safe Bleach and Bleach

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