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February 9, 20220

As more cities get ready for upcoming events like the Big Game, hosting a safe in-person party is more important now than ever. 

In this article, we list some practical steps you can take to host guests again in a safe environment, helping everyone have a worry-free time.


Use Table Cloths 

The grooves and cracks in your table can often be the host of unwanted food and drinks. After the party is over, the only step is to throw the table cloth in the washer and be done.


Empty the Dishwasher

Emptying the dishwasher ahead of time can help you save time and keep things sanitary. If you’re using your own plates and utensils, getting them in the dishwasher as soon as possible can help stop the spread of germs.


Keep Garbage Bins in View

Instead of guests leaving plastic cups, plates, & utensils on tables make it easy for them to dispose of them.


Avoid “Messy” Foods

Simply put, the less messy food served, the less cleanup there’ll be. Bite-sized portioning, avoiding sauces, or buffet-style meals can save the health and hassle of your party.


Prepare for Spills Ahead of Time

Keep ready-to-use cleaners, degreasers, and rags to keep the party clean the whole way through. Getting rid of messes early on can minimize clean-up afterward and stop the spread of unwanted germs.


Create a “Soak” Zone

Instead of having dirty dishes scattered throughout the venue create a soak zone. This helps keep all used dishes in one spot ready to be cleaned. After the party, you’re able to immediately place everything in the dishwasher.


Meeting with friends in person shouldn’t have to be a scary thing. Make it easier for yourself by keeping things clean and organized to relieve the stress of party planning. Following these steps can help protect the safety of those you invite over, letting you make better memories to look back on!

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