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February 17, 20220

With the winter season almost in the rearview mirror, Spring Break is just on the horizon and it’ll be time to send students home for their first break since the holidays. With the hallways being empty during this period, now presents the perfect opportunity to plan ahead and to get a reliable floor care program in place. A proper routine consists of having the right products that can effectively strip, clean, scrub, finish and restore your floors so they’ll be as good as new. As always, we here at Theochem Labs have created the perfect floor care program from start to finish that includes some of our newly enhanced products as well as perfectly outlines the proper process for restoring those hard floors just in time for the spring season!

In-Depth Floor Care Routine

Step 1 – Floor Stripper (Animal):

To start your Floor Care process, it’s best to start at the roots and utilize a powerful floor stripper to get to the core of the floor. Begin your 5-step process off by first stripping your floor with a powerful floor stripper. Our Animal Floor Stripper is the perfect remedy for this because it acts as an aggressive and quick penetrating solution that is specifically designed to remove heavy buildup that has accumulated over time. Another highlight of our Animal Floor Stripper is that it quickly removes tough polyurethane and water-base sealers including metal interlocks. With minimal contact time, this rinse-free concentrated formula reduces the amount of labor, time, and overall cost needed to attend to your hard floors. 

Step 2 – Floor Finish (Solid Gold):

After you’ve done the initial step of stripping the floor, it’s time to proceed to the finish. Next up is our Solid Gold 100698 Floor Finish. This high solid, high gloss finish/sealer offers tough protection in a number of ways. Solid Gold resists powdering, scratching, and black marks left behind by excessive foot traffic. Designed to be a crystal clear formula, Solid Gold consists of exceptional clarity that will not yellow over time while also enhancing the look of your hard floor. The long-term finish durability provides excellent scrub and recoat performance. Solid Gold was formulated for ease of removability during the stripping process. This excellent floor finish can be used on all resilient flooring as well as most stone tile. Lastly, Solid Gold was designed for the highest gloss possible with the fewest coats applied with a moderate polishing program.

Step 3 – Floor Top Scrub (Lacto):

Once you’ve stripped your floor and applied the proper high-gloss finish, the next step is to routinely keep up the maintenance on your floor. When the seasons begin to change and school is back in session, it would be wise to have a powerful top scrub in your corner. Look no further than our Lacto 101428 Concentrated Top Scrub. Lacto is a highly concentrated top scrub designed for interim floor finish maintenance. Lacto removes the top layer of the floor finish when used with an automatic scrubber, which then helps to prepare the surface for recoating. This amazing floor restorer acts as a high-performance general cleaner that can be applied to all surfaces. Also, Lacto can really stretch your dollars, as the dilution rate for every ounce of solution can yield up to 128 ounces that’s ready to apply to your hard floors.

Step 4 – Specialty Floor Cleaner (Rinse No More):

Once you’ve gotten back into the routine of routinely caring for your hard floors, the next step is to find a specialty cleaner that can do the job and keep your floors healthy. Our Rinse No More 100445 is the perfect fix! This highly concentrated neutral pH daily floor cleaner is the perfect addition to your floor-cleaning roster. Mop your floors as part of your daily floor care maintenance and behold as this mild, no-rinse concentrated detergent begins to pick up the soil as well as enhance shine to those formerly dingy surfaces. One ounce of Rinse No More can be diluted to make 64 ounces.

Step 5 – Floor Finish Restorer (Reflex):

We’ve reached the final step in our 5-step process for cleaning those hard floors, buffing your floors for that lasting shine. The final all-star in our hard floor-cleaning roster is no other than our Reflex 106484 Concentrated Finish Restorer. This concentrated finish restorer is a premium floor maintainer consisting of a rejuvenating formula designed to clean floors and enhance gloss. This wonderfully concentrated finish restorer was designed to extend the life of the floor finish, maintaining that “just waxed” look between stripping cycles. As the final step before you begin stripping your floors again, Reflex helps prolong that period by keeping your floors looking clean and glossy. One ounce of Reflex can be diluted to make 128 ounces of solution that is ready to apply to any hard floor.

There you have it! A concise 5-step process along with the recommended products to use in every step of the process. By following this in-depth floor care routine, you’re ensuring the life of your hard floors extends while protecting the floors in the process. Make sure you have the unparalleled precision of Theochem Labs on your side this so you and your school are prepared for success for the remainder of this school year!

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