Laundry CareIs Powder Detergent Obsolete?

March 14, 20220

When you walk into your local Target or Walmart, you’ll find shelves lined with liquid detergents and pods, with maybe a few bags of powder detergent on the bottom row. So have powder detergents become obsolete? In other parts of the world, powder detergent continues to be the most popular choice. This article will go over the benefits of using powder detergent, along with the drawbacks contrasted to pod & liquid detergents.

Powder, Liquid, & Pods

Each one has its individual benefits. Taking into consideration load size, water type and most common stains you come across can help you decide which one is best for you.

Powder Detergent

Product Benefits

  • Tough on mud & clay stains
  • Lowest cost per load
  • Easiest detergent to measure
  • Recommended for businesses with large laundry loads for hospitality

Liquid Detergent

Product Benefits

  • Works best on grease & oil stains
  • Better for pre-treating
  • Dissolves better in any water temperature

Pod Detergent

Product Benefits

  • Easiest to use 
  • Not able to use for pre-treating
  • Pre-measured 

Does liquid or powder detergent clean better?

When only talking about cleaning power, powder and liquid detergent still have different uses. Powder detergent is better at getting rid of dirt & grime from clothing, while liquid detergent is great for grease & oil stains. However, powder detergents are extremely versatile, and you can find a range of different ones that attack different stains. You can see Theochem’s full collection of detergents that help you find the perfect detergent for your laundry needs.

What’s the most budget-conscious laundry detergent?

When choosing the most cost-effective detergent, powder detergent is the best option with the lowest cost per load. Liquid detergent would be #2 in line in front of liquid pods.

What laundry detergent is best for your washing machine?

Liquid detergent dissolves the easiest when added in with your laundry which helps with proper draining. When using powder detergents make sure you find one that is septic safe; some powders can have ingredients that don’t fully dissolve, which can create buildup.

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