Kitchen CarePowderLiquid Vs. Powder Dishwashing: What Should You Be Using?

March 31, 20220

There are numerous alternatives out there on the market when it comes to washing your dishes including several newer choices such as pods, tabs, and gel pacs. This article however will be focusing on the oldest options, powders and liquids. We’ll break down the benefits of each one and deliver our overall recommendation on which to use when trying to effectively clean your dishes.

Liquid: Dishwashing liquids are currently the most popular choice for cleaning your dishes amongst all the options out there in the market. They range vastly in size, color, scent, and more in order to tackle food debris of all sorts on your dishes. One aspect to consider is that dishwashing liquids don’t contain harsh chemicals as opposed to other alternatives. However, the lack of these chemical components also results in a weaker alternative when trying to cut heavy grime and grease from your dishes. Because of the mildness of dishwashing liquid, it can be repurposed as a household cleaner and used for other purposes that don’t involve dishes at all. If you fancy using dishwashing liquids, we recommend our high-performing Blue Max Premium Pot & Pan Detergent to help tackle those dishes.

Powder: The other alternative we are focusing on is also one of the oldest and most reliable options, powder dishwasher detergent. This option hosts a number of benefits such as being an eco-friendly and sustainable substitute when going against dishwashing liquid. Powder detergent is also highly effective against hard water and effectively battles spots left behind from minerals to ensure your dishes look their best. Lastly, powder detergents are very economical and inexpensive when considering the other alternatives to choose from. If you prefer using powder dishwashing detergent, our Pink High Active Beads is our premium option and is trusted in kitchens all over the nation.

As the old adage says, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, or in this case, there’s more than one way to wash a dish. With all the options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right solution for your pots, pans, and dishes. Hopefully, this overview of these time-tested options gives you a little more insight and clarity in choosing the right dishwashing alternative for your kitchen or restaurant.

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