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May 11, 20220

No matter the size of your pool, your pool’s tile can certainly play a big part in the overall appearance of how pristine your pool looks. Having calcium buildup on your tile can take away from the shine of how beautiful your pool can truly be and nobody wants that. With the summer season around the corner, now is the time to properly clean your pool tile just in time before you host your next big pool party. In this week’s blog, we will break down how to exactly go about cleaning your pool’s tile as well as some strong product recommendations that’ll make cleaning it a breeze!

Calcium Deposits

One of the most reoccurring problems you’ll run across as a pool owner is calcium buildup developing on your pool’s waterline tile. This persisting problem stems from a number of sources and if you’re in the know about these sources, you’ll be better prepared with handling tile cleanup down the road. 

  • High Alkalinity: Calcium buildup can form from your pool’s high alkalinity or pH levels which causes calcium carbonate to split from your pool water and leave behind buildup on your pool tiles. 
  • Hot Weather: Calcium deposits can also develop from the hot temperatures, especially if you live in hotter parts of the country. Exposure to the heat causes your pool’s water to evaporate at a faster rate and you’ll most likely be dealing with this issue more frequently as opposed to other pool owners across the nation.
  • Hard Water: Another source of annoying calcium deposits can stem from your local water supply. If you live in an area with “hard water”, you’ll more than likely run into calcium developing on your pool tile.

Cleaning Your Tile

According to numerous pool companies online, pool tiles when properly maintained can last 5 to 10 years. Cleaning your tile on a regular basis is paramount in order to keep your pool’s appearance and health at its finest. By consistently staying on top of your pool’s tiles, you can ensure that your pool’s tiles can last decades. One of the best products we can strongly recommend to help remove calcium deposits and soap scum from your pool tiles is our P-M-C Plus Porcelain, Tile & Metal Cleaner. Simply apply a generous amount to a sponge or rag and scrub the surfaces in need of cleaning. Another worthy candidate for cleaning your pool’s tiles would be our PTC-85 Porcelain and Tile Cleaner. This excellent, mild acid cleaner reacts to release mineral film from a number of surfaces, leaving behind a beautiful appearance.

There you have it, a comprehensive and succinct guide on how to keep your pool’s tiles looking marvelous and shiny throughout the year. By following these simple tips and staying on top of those waterline tiles, you can ensure your pool is the talk of the neighborhood for all of your future pool parties.

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