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June 22, 20220

With this week kicking off the first official week of summer, many of us will be enjoying a nice vacation and taking a much-needed break from our typical work/school routines. Aside from visiting new destinations, we also combine visiting new restaurants into the mix as well when we are on our summer vacations. Did you know that the busiest months for restaurants are through the months of April through August? For these busy summer months, make sure your restaurant is not caught off guard and you’re properly prepared for this uptick in summer business with a proper cleaning checklist that we’ll break down further in our Summer Restaurant Cleaning Trio.

For many of us out there, this may be the first summer vacation we’ve been able to experience in the past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced many of us to stay in lockdown, preventing us from our annual getaway with family and friends. With viruses, bacteria, and germs being at the forefront of our minds these past few years, many of us want to avoid that, especially in any potential restaurants we are visiting. A perfect solution for both your front-of-house and back-of-house employees to combat any spread of bacteria, cross-contamination, germs and more is our Food Contact Surface Sanitizer. With increased foot traffic in your establishment, there are more chances of cross-contamination in the kitchen as well as bacteria to worry about in the dining area. Utilizing a solution such as our Food Contact Surface Sanitizer will help kill 99.999% of bacteria in just 60 seconds and ensure your patrons can rest assured and focus solely on a quality dining experience. 

Now shifting our focus away from the dining area to an area that often goes unseen, your restaurant’s drains. Drains can accumulate tons of waste including grease, oil, food scraps, animal fats, and more that if not taken care of routinely, can cause bigger problems later on. Utilizing a drain maintainer such as our Liqua Zyme Bio-Enzymatic Drain Maintainer helps on a number of fronts. With consistent use, Liqua Zyme with help keep your drains as well as grease traps clean and free-flowing. This bio-enzymatic drain maintainer will help break down the grease, fat, and other buildups to prevent costly problems with clogged drains down the line. Liqua Zyme can also help reduce malodors that produce from drain buildup that can spread throughout your establishment, expanding the range of potentially foul odors in your restaurant. One final benefit worth mentioning is that consistent use of a drain maintainer will also help reduce the number of fruit flies targeting your drains from not being properly maintained. Having this one tool in your arsenal provides a host of benefits that will ultimately aid you significantly during the summer rush.

For the final area of focus, we are now shifting gears to focus on your dumpster and garbage areas. With summertime being the hottest season of the year, the increased temperature creates a host of new concerns that need to be addressed. With your trash being confined to a confined metal space, this warmer environment speeds up the breakdown of organic substances. In other words, your trash rots at a much faster rate which creates an unpleasant odor in the vicinity and can result in further problems as well. Insects and animals looking for an easy meal in your hot garbage can create more of a mess and these are ultimately problems anyone would like to avoid. Our Dumpster “D” Dumpster & Garbage Deodorizer aids perfectly in providing a long-lasting, fresh cherry fragrance that also digests grease and organic matter that causes malodors. By mitigating the number of odors produced by your garbage, you minimize the amount of unwanted attention it will receive and ultimately avoid future encounters with pesky animals and insects. 

By focusing on each of these areas consistently, you set up your establishment for success during these busy months ahead. We hope our summer restaurant cleaning tips not only provided insight into potential problems your establishment can avoid this summer, but educated you also on how to address these concerns before they each become more severe. By being proactive and planning ahead, you can ensure that your restaurant’s busiest months can proceed smoothly for your employees and more importantly, your guests.

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