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June 9, 20220

We here at Theochem Laboratories pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of offering our customers the best when it comes to our products for the past 60 years. As time progresses, we like to stay with the times and improve upon our amazing products by utilizing the best technology, best practices, and best resources available to deliver industry-leading solutions. With that in mind, please see a handful of new products and newly reformulated products we’d like to share with you to further illustrate our dedication to continually providing “solutions for a cleaner world”.

Our chemists are constantly reviewing each of our current products in a variety of sectors such as food services, laundry, restroom care, and more to see how we can improve upon them and offer only the best to our customers. One new product we are thrilled to announce is our Crème Cleanser Thickened Multi-Surface Cleaner. This exciting addition to our vast array of products works well in that this liquid Crème cleanser quickly removes built-up rust, soap scum, stains, grease, oxidation, hard water minerals, and filth from several surfaces. This product contains jeweler-grade abrasive that won’t damage surfaces like scouring powders. This white, stable emulsion contains bleaching compounds, detergents, and wetting agents.

As mentioned above, we simply don’t just stop at rolling out new and exciting products, we continually strive to improve upon existing products to offer only the best to our customers. One such example is our Blue Max Premium Pot & Pan Detergent. This concentrated high-foaming blend of synthetic detergents for removing the most stubborn food stains, soils, and grease spots from dishes, pots, and pans is a trusted solution in any kitchen. It’s rinse-free, excellent for hard water, removes the heaviest soil, and is gentle on hands. The heavy viscous formula eliminates wasted product and breaks through the toughest grease while leaving hands soft and smooth. Blue Max rinses freely with water leaving no hard water films and is biodegradable.

Another existing product we have put through rigorous testing to improve its deodorizing power is Dumpster “D” Dumpster & Garbage Deodorizer. The biochemical reaction in Dumpster “D” digests grease and organic matter that causes malodors in dumpsters, trash chutes, compactors, landfills, dumpsites, garbage trucks, hospitals, medical clinics, kennels, barns, stables, hotels, motels, eating and drinking establishments, and more! The long-lasting, fresh cherry fragrance aids in reducing insects at these sites of malodor. Dumpster “D” possesses a biodegradable formulation that is designed for use with automatic metering systems. 

Another area where Thochem Laboratories excels is in our floor care products. We took one of our best floor strippers and revamped it to ensure that it not only performs well as intended but also gives off little odor when being applied. Our Ultra-Concentrated Low-Odor Stripper is designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities where strong offensive odors are prohibited. Removes the heaviest build-up of water-based finishes, sealers, and burnished coatings. Minimal labor, lowest end-use cost per gallon. Non-ammoniated, lowest odor.

Rounding out the last of our new product announcements is our newly reformulated P-M-C Plus Porcelain, Tile, and Metal Cleaner. This new and improved versatile cleaner works well on a number of surfaces such as porcelain, vitreous china, ceramic tile, terra cotta tile, stainless steel, chrome plate, brass, bronze, steel, and plastic laminates. Rust, hard water deposits, uric acid, coffee stains, food stains, and organic matter are removed by regular use of P-M-C Plus.

These are just the first of a handful of products that we are announcing and there will be more to come in the weeks ahead. As Theochem Laboratories celebrates 60 years of providing unparalleled service across the world, we look forward to the next 60 years and beyond of providing the best cleaning solutions possible. We service a number of industries and are dedicated to tirelessly improving upon our superior products to ensure our customers in every industry truly “Protect What Matters”.



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