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November 4, 20210

With school starting back up this week for most, we are in the final moments before the hallways and classrooms will be back to normal packed full of students roaming about. In the previous weeks, we have discussed preparing your school’s floors, kitchen, cafeteria, locker rooms, hygiene, and drains in anticipation of a busy school year. One area we haven’t addressed yet is your school’s bathrooms. Has your school properly disinfected and maintained its restrooms before class commences? If not, we got you covered! We over at Theochem Laboratories have devised a comprehensive restroom care program that recommends the top 5 products to use when cleaning every surface in your restroom!


Clean Every Surface of Your Bathroom

Before we take a deeper dive into our top 5 recommendations, we do want to point out that having this complete line in your back pocket is the preferred way to go as using this team of powerful cleaners will ensure your school’s restroom will leave no stone unturned. Having reliable bowl cleaners, disinfectants, and mildew removers help cover the numerous dirty surfaces you’ll encounter in the restroom. Below, we’ll dive into these unique 5 products and delve into what makes them both distinct and efficient at tackling every detail within your school’s restrooms.

1) Blue Bowl Cleaner: Inhibited, acid toilet bowl cleaner. Cleans, deodorizes, and leaves your toilets and urinals with a wonderful wintergreen fragrance. Comprised of 9% HCl, this economical product is perfect for cost-conscious customers. Blue Bowl Cleaner was formulated to be used every day as is not harsh compared to other bowl cleaners in the market.

2) In-Cide: Not only is In-Cide an extremely powerful disinfectant that is effective against a host of viruses such as Covid-19 and HIV-1 (AIDS) Virus. In-Cide leaves behind a powerful aromatic fragrance, eliminating any foul-smelling odors in the process. In-Cide is your best resort as the last step of cleaning your restroom to ensure a fully clean bathroom for all your patrons and guests.

3) Instant Mildew Stain Remover: This fantastic product contains active chlorine to effectively remove mildew stains. Designed for use on surfaces such as bathroom tiles, tubs, vanity tops, shower doors/curtains, fiberglass, rubber, floors, windowsills, bricks, concrete, awnings, and more! Instant Mildew Stain Remover is the optimal solution for removing mildew in a number of areas.

4) Safe-N-Clean: Next up is our Safe-N-Clean nonacid bathroom and bowl cleaner. This option is great to use on a number of surfaces such as basins, tubs, and tile. Safe-N-Clean works phenomenally well on soap scum, dirt, and virtually any dirty surface. Not only does it leave your surfaces looking immaculate once the job is finished, Safe-N-Clean also leaves your bathroom smelling like spring with its scented fresh floral aroma.

5) Safe-T-Bowl: Our last recommendation is Safe-T-Bowl, which was designed with a mild, nonacid formulation that specializes in cleaning and purifying toilet bowls and urinals. Safe-T-Bowl is recommended for daily use in all areas and contains a proprietary formula that destroys odor at its source. Safe-T-Bowl works best at removing mineral deposits, salts, dirt, and soap scum. Lastly, Safe-T-Bowl leaves behind a potent bouquet fragrance that is refreshing and pleasant.

No matter if the surfaces in your school restrooms are metal, ceramic, porcelain, or any other given surface, Theochem Labs has got you covered! Our comprehensive restroom care program was designed to be both economical and efficient. Our goal in getting your school ready for class is not only to help you fight the toughest buildups on any restroom surface but also leaves your restroom smelling fresh and clean. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on school restroom care. Stay safe and clean wisely!

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