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November 4, 20210

With school bells looking to ring in just over a month and welcome students back into the classrooms, now more than ever we should be reminded just how important a role hygiene can play. As we saw with the viral spread of COVID-19 over the last year and a half, proper hand and body care are imperative in order to keep yourselves and each other healthy. Please continue reading below to see a list of benefits schools can experience from better hygiene practices as well as our product recommendations that we feel will keep you and yours safe this school year!

Protect Against Disease at School


  • Reduced Absenteeism:

When students have access to soap in numerous convenient areas, the amount of germs and bacteria that can be spread is dramatically reduced. Consequentially, this leads to fewer sick days, which results in higher grades, better academic performance, and higher graduation rates.

  • Improved Learning Environment:

Continuing off the first point, when teachers are healthy, they are able to consistently stick to their curriculum and focus solely on their academic environment. On the flip side, when students are healthy and hygienic they are more likely to achieve higher grades, miss less school, and not become a detriment to others by getting their classmates sick. When the faculty and students are all healthy, everyone can focus on what’s really important, education.

  • Teaching Quality Improves:

Teachers are on the front lines interacting with numerous students on a daily basis. When one sick student infects the teacher, this results in that instructor battling that sickness and either having to take time off which requires enlisting a substitute teacher, or have them teach a class in a distracted, weakened state. Instead of being able to focus on the quality of education in the classroom, they become focused on their general health, which takes away from the overall quality of teaching. By improving student hygiene, we can ensure our teachers are teaching to the best of their abilities.

  • More School Funding:

Nationwide studies have shown that schools with cleaning programs in place as well as decreased absentees can allocate their funds on more important initiatives that focus on education. When schools utilize a systematic cleaning regimen, it can reduce custodial costs dramatically.

Teachers, administrators, and parents can relate to the fact that they get sick more frequently because of how easily children spread germs, bacteria, and viruses that are unknowingly present in the classroom and playground. With a proper hygiene strategy in place, schools and their students can reap in the benefits of a cleaner environment in more ways than one as you read previously. With that being said, Theochem Laboratories specializes in quality products that are both effective and economical for any cleaning program out there. Please read below and check out our top hand & body soaps that would make a welcome addition to any school-cleaning program that’ll keep your staff and students healthy!

  • Tea Tree Hand & Body Wash: Our FDA registered premium hand & body wash contains soothing white tea extract and aloe. Tea Tree Hand & Body Wash is formulated with a unique foaming formula that contains a quick-acting antibacterial agent that effectively cleans away dirt, grease, ink, and is mild on the skin. With its fragrant tea tree aroma, you’ll love the way Tea Tree Hand & Body Wash looks, smells, and feels!

  • White Glove: This fine, delicately scented, lotion hand soap is blended with selected ingredients for soft skin. White Glove is ideal for use in institutional soap dispensers. Lastly, White Glove soothes and conditions the skin as it cleans.

  • White Coconut: When it comes to having a heavy-duty viscous hand cleaner for use in any washroom, look no further than our White Coconut hand and body wash! White Coconut contains selected skin-soothing emollients. Featuring a pleasant coconut aroma, White Coconut is great for even the most sensitive skin!

  • Soft N Clean: Containing a unique foaming formula with special therapeutic ingredients including tea tree extract and aloe, Soft N Clean makes for an amazing hand and body solution! Soft N Clean is ideal for washing your hands, hair, and body. Soft N Clean leaves behind a pleasant fragrance while producing a rich, luxurious lather.

  • Pink Lather: A fine, delicately fruit-fragranced lotion hand soap blended with cold cream ingredients for soft refreshingly cleaner skin. Pink Lather lotions formula simultaneously conditions and moisturizes hands. Pink Lather is ideal for service industry professionals and is also biodegradable.

  • Accent: Our final recommendation is our Accent lotion hand soap. Accent has excellent lathering characteristics while possessing a wonderful cheery fragrance. Accent can be used in all types of dispensers and rinses freely. Lastly, Accent neutralizes odors and promotes better hygiene.

As you can see, now is the time to plan ahead and prepare for a school year like none we have ever seen before. Families and faculty alike are all on edge to see how the topic of school cleanliness will be tackled this academic year as life resumes back to normal. By utilizing our advice as well as our unparalleled products, you from an administrative standpoint can rest easy knowing that your hands are literally safe thanks to Theochem Labs!

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