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December 2, 20210

We are in the thick of the holiday season and ‘tis the season for spending increased quality time with family and friends. Whether it’s for catching up with friends visiting you while in town, throwing your annual holiday party, or entertaining family this holiday season, you should be prepared for the accompanying holiday smells as well. In case you’re still confused, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons why you should be using our odor-eliminating products so your home will have a pleasant aroma all holiday season long!

  1. Musty-Smelling Decorations & Ornaments:

The time is here! The leftover turkey is in the fridge and it’s time to dig your holiday decorations out of the attic, garage, basement, and musky headquarters they’ve been stowed away all year long. While your Christmas tree, decorations, and ornaments may look beautiful on the surface level, they may have had some visitors from critters or just have an odor due to being locked up in a mostly unattended room all year. Keep this in mind and give your decorations a nice spritz with our Aireze Odor Encapsulator & Neutralizer to eliminate any foul-smelling odors so your decorations not only look their best but smell their best as well!

  1. Pet Visits During the Holidays:

Now whether you have four-legged roommates of your own or will have canine and feline visitors during the holidays, your home may have the unwanted pet odors that accompany their presence. Especially during the winter when snow can melt and leave your pet’s fur wet and creating the “wet dog smell”, now is more of a time than ever to help counter that overpowering stench. Also, pets can sometimes have accidents and a great way of getting rid of that smell specifically is our Enzy-Out Bio-Enzymatic Odor & Stain Remover.

  1. Body Odor & Smoking:

With hosting extra guests in your home this season, the room may get a little tight and you’ll come across dirty clothes, shoes, and fabrics that can begin to pick up body odor. Not only that, if you have an occasional guest who is a smoker, that can be another odor you’ll have to eliminate. Since fabrics absorb odors and scents deep into their source, we recommend D-O All-Purpose Liquid Deodorant to knock out these odors so your packed house smells like a party of one.   

  1. Food Smells:

Nothing beats grandma’s home-cooked classics or enjoying your childhood favorite dishes for the holidays. However, every now and then those culinary dishes can leave a greasy, pungent, or even burnt odor in the air. Aside from running your oven vent on and opening a window, the easiest way to get those cooking odors out of the air is by neutralizing the odor and encapsulating those molecules. Once again, Aireze is our best recommendation for this purpose as it performs wonderfully on cooking-related smells.

  1. Increased Bathroom Activity:

With entertaining your guests, one worry you’ll have to encounter is sharing a bathroom, especially if you have a limited number of restrooms in your home. The holidays are synonymous with enjoying great foods, cheating your diets, and essentially piggin’ out with those you love. Nobody wants to smell bathroom stenches wreaking havoc through your home as you are in holiday party mode. For this purpose, we strongly suggest utilizing our Baby Fresh Room Deodorant and Odor Control product to help combat stinky smells from spreading from the bathroom to the remainder of your home.

As the Christmas season continues to ramp up, keep simple house maintenance practices like this in mind so you ensure the good times keep rolling. Having a preventative strategy like this in place will help you keep your sanity during the holidays and help your guests enjoy their stay in your home. Happy Holidays from Theochem Labs!


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